Bringing it all Back home

Bringing It All Back Home:Family-driven Assessment and Intervention for Children Who are Deafblind

Funded by: U.S. Department of Education (grant # 84.324M980032)
Charity Rowland, Ph.D.
Harvey Mar, Ph.D. (Columbia University, New York, NY)
Philip Schweigert, M.Ed.
Dates: October 1, 1998 - December 31, 2003


Some useful assessment and intervention strategies have been developed for children who are deaf-blind, in no small part due to funding from the U.S. Department of Education. Research and demonstration projects have addressed inclusion, the provision of related services, specific interventions and appropriate assessment for children who are deaf-blind. This project, building on existing research and demonstration efforts, developed a family-driven approach to assessment, intervention and transition that empowers families to recognize the competencies of their own children and to structure naturally occurring home and community-based activities to promote skill development on the part of their children who are deaf-blind.

The authors of this project had already developed assessment instruments designed for parents to administer in the home to assess cognitive development and communicative development. These instruments formed the foundation for an approach that involves parents as the repository of knowledge about their children's skills, their needs and the daily activities in which new skills may be developed. The project produced Home Talk, a family-driven assessment designed by and for parents to evaluate their children, to establish intervention priorities for home and community, to advocate for appropriate intervention at school, and to ensure successful transitions from one school or classroom to another in the first few years of school. The project targeted children aged 3-12 years who are deaf-blind. The project involved parents as partners in model and product development and in field testing efforts.

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Final Report

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Home Talk (available in English and Spanish)