Faculty & Staff


Jeanne-Marie Guise

Jeanne-Marie Guise, MD, MPH, is Director of the Oregon Institute for Patient-Centered Comparative Effectiveness, Associate Director of the Oregon Evidence-based Practice Center (EPC) and Director of the EPC's Comprehensive Comparative Effectiveness Research Center. Dr. Guise is Associate Professor in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology, and Public Health and Preventive Medicine. She is a practicing OB/GYN who has additional training in evidence-based medicine, medical ethics, and epidemiology and dedicates more than 75% of her time to research.

As an R01 funded researcher, she strives to fill research gaps identified in evidence reviews and as a clinician she strives to conduct evidence reviews that are relevant, reliable, and actionable to improve health care delivery and the health of the public. The substantive areas for her primary research include women's health, epidemiology, information technology, simulation, and health system research to improve health outcomes and health care quality for women and children.

Dr. Guise has a long history of using evidence to identify critical information gaps that require high quality primary research and to inform the scientific rigor of original research. Over the 14 years that she has been in the Oregon EPC, she has led reviews for the US Preventive Services Task Force, AHRQ's Effective Healthcare Program, NIH Consensus Conferences, the DHHS Office on Women's Health, the Komen Foundation, the Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care, and the Cochrane Collaboration. Through sustained efforts in reviews and original research, Dr. Guise has developed in-depth knowledge of scientific methods for performing systematic reviews, has experience working with researchers, communities, professional organizations, government agencies and the public in translating findings to clinical interventions, guidelines, future research and health policy, and leverages this breadth of activities to promote research that is both high quality and relevant to current clinical care and public health.

Cynthia Morris

Cynthia Morris, PhD, MPH, is Co-Director of the Institute for Patient-Centered Comparative Effectiveness. She is Vice Chair and Professor of Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology, Professor of Medicine and Public Health and Preventive Medicine, as well as Assistant Dean in the School of Medicine at OHSU. Dr. Morris directs the education and career development program of the Oregon Clinical and Translational Institute (OCTRI), the CTSA at OHSU, and is part of the senior leadership of this organization. Under her direction of the CTSA, the number of career development awards at OHSU has increased from 5 to more than 85. Dr. Morris has trained more than 500 fellows and faculty in clinical and translational research training programs, including mentoring more than 30 early faculty investigators in clinical research.

Mark Helfand

Mark Helfand, MD, MS, MPH is co-Director of the Institute for Patient-Centered Comparative Effectiveness. He is a Staff Physician at the Portland VA Medical Center and Professor of Medicine and Medical Informatics & Clinical Epidemiology at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU).  He was a Robert Wood Johnson Generalist Faculty Scholar from 1993-1997 and has been Director of the Oregon Evidence-based Practice Center from 1997 to the present. Dr. Helfand has been a leader in methods for comparative effectiveness research. From 1998-2002, he led a team that helped the US Preventive Services Task Force prioritize topics and develop evidence-based guidelines. In the area of comparative effectiveness, he was a founder of the Drug Effectiveness Review Project (2003-2006). His research focuses on the use of systematic reviews to inform clinical and public policy. His current projects include the Coordinating Center for the VA's Evidence-based Synthesis Program and he has been the Editor-in-Chief of the journal Medical Decision Making since 2005.


Karen McCracken

Karen McCracken, RN, CCRP, is the Institutional Liaison for the Oregon Institute for Patient-Centered Comparative Effectiveness.