Message from ICE Directors

ICE Directors

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Through ICE, we are endeavoring to grow and encourage a workforce qualified to conduct comparative effectiveness research and patient-centered outcomes research (CER/PCOR). A workforce that will ultimately carry out the studies, systematic reviews, and analyses needed to meet our nation's goals for better information for clinicians and healthier populations.

We are proud to provide our expertise and bring together experts in the field to expand the knowledge and skills of investigators new to CER/PCOR. We work to provide the tools to both design studies and use existing knowledge to discover what interventions work best for real world populations in real world situations.

We are accomplishing our goals through three main programs:

Please explore this website to find out more about our efforts, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Jeanne-Marie Guise, MD, MPH

Cynthia Morris, PhD, MPH

Mark Helfand, MD, MS, MPH