Comparative Effectiveness Research Center

Principal Investigator: Jeanne-Marie Guise, M.D., M.P.H.

Funding: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Description: The Comparative Effectiveness Research Center (CERC) at the Oregon EPC is one of eight such federally funded comprehensive comparative effectiveness review centers and is one of but two cross cutting centers, with topic areas including care delivery, management and coordination, prevention, and behavioral interventions.  With American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding administered by AHRQ, the Oregon EPC CERC has current projects that include comparative effectiveness of case management for adults with medical illness and complex care needs, comparative effectiveness of breathing exercises and/or retraining techniques in the treatment of asthma, and screening and treatment of Hepatitis C. In addition to evidence reviews, the CERC at the Oregon EPC is conducting two future research projects to understand how to engage stakeholders in the identification and prioritization of research.  The first of these was aimed at engaging stakeholders to identify research needs with regard to efforts to reduce risk of primary breast cancer.  A second project will explore methods used in engaging stakeholders to prioritize research.