António Baptista

António Baptista, OHSU Institute of Environmental Health Director

Professor and Director
Institute of Environmental Health
Director, NSF Science & Technology Center for Coastal Margin Observation & Prediction
Office: Hatfield Research Center, 3rd floor, Room 311
Phone: 503 346-3418
Fax: 503 346-341


M.S., Civil Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1984
Ph.D., Civil Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1987


Research Interests

Understand how coastal margins function under the complex influence of rivers, ocean, climate and humans – and how to integrate such understanding in broad-range societal decisions on sustainable development. My anchoring expertise is on observation and prediction of the physics of estuaries and plumes, and I collaborate with scientists of diverse backgrounds to integrate physics into thinking on biogeochemistry, fisheries, and ecological processes.


Selected Publications

Jessica A. Miller; David J. Teel; António Baptista; Cheryl A. Morgan
Disentangling bottom-up and top-down effects on survival during early ocean residence in a population of Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha)
Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. 2013;70(4):617-629.

Melissa Gilbert; Joseph Needoba; Corey Koch; Andrew Barnard; António Baptista
Nutrient Loading and Transformations in the Columbia River Estuary Determined by High-Resolution In Situ Sensors
Estuaries and Coasts. 2013;36(4):708-727.

S.L. Bräuer; K. Kranzler; N. Goodson; D. Murphy; H.M. Simon; A.M. Baptista; B.M. Tebo
Dark Carbon Fixation in the Columbia River's Estuarine Turbidity Maxima: Molecular Characterization of Red-Type cbbL Genes and Measurement of DIC Uptake Rates in Response to Added Electron Donors
Estuaries and Coasts. 2013;36(5):1073-1083.

Caroline S. Fortunato; Lydie Herfort; Peter Zuber; António M. Baptista; Byron C. Crump
Spatial variability overwhelms seasonal patterns in bacterioplankton communities across a river to ocean gradient
ISME Journal. 2012;6(3):554-563.

David Maier; V.M. Megler; António M. Baptista; Alex Jaramillo; Charles Seaton; Paul J. Turner
Navigating oceans of data
Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics). 2012;7338 LNCS:1-19.

Lydie Herfort; Tawnya D. Peterson; Lee Ann McCue; Byron C. Crump; Fredrick G. Prahl; António M. Baptista; Victoria Campbell; Rachel Warnick; Mikaela Selby; G. Curtis Roegner; et al.
Myrionecta rubra population genetic diversity and its cryptophyte chloroplast specificity in recurrent red tides in the Columbia River estuary
Aquatic Microbial Ecology. 2011;62(1):85-97.

G. Curtis Roegner; Charles Seaton; António M. Baptista
Climatic and Tidal Forcing of Hydrography and Chlorophyll Concentrations in the Columbia River Estuary
Estuaries and Coasts. 2011;34(2):281-296.

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