OHSU students take pride in their campus

10/05/12 Beaverton, Ore.

OHSU West Campus beautification volunteers

Students at Oregon Health & Science University took an active role as stewards of the West Campus where they study.

OHSU Institute of Environmental Health students organized a campus clean up event on October 4, 2012.

The “stewardship” was the brainchild of graduate students Wendy Smythe, Cristina Butterfield, and Krissy Remple. They were looking for a fun way to bring the campus together and take pride in their surroundings.

“This is a community service project to beautify the campus,” Smythe said. “We are proud of where we go to school and want the campus grounds to reflect that.”

The volunteers - made up of students and staff - brought their own tools to pull weeds, rakes leaves, and pick up trash. OHSU provided funds to buy snacks and refreshments for them. Campus services also provided several garbage bins to dispose of the debris.

The event was organized by Butterfield, the OHSU graduate student organizational council secretary. “I sent out an e-mail asking people to volunteer for the event and got some positive responses,” Butterfield said. “The turn out was great and everyone was enthusiastic to spruce up the area.”

The volunteers worked for several hours, mainly around the Cooley Science Center and Paul Clayton building. They hauled out several bins and large bags of yard debris.

While everyone was tired and dusty by the end of the day, the campus shined because of the pride they took in their school.