Aquatic Redox Chemistry book published

Aquatic Redox Chemistry book cover

02/24/12 Portland, Oregon

A book on aquatic redox chemistry has recently been published by the American Chemical Society and Oxford University Press. The book titled “Aquatic Redox Chemistry” was edited by Division of Environmental and Biomolecular Systems professor Dr. Paul G. Tratnyek, and colleagues Dr. Timothy J. Grundl and Dr. Stefan B. Haderlein.

“The scope of the book covers the whole range of oxidation-reduction (redox) reactions in aquatic environmental systems, which include soils, sediments, aquifers, rivers, lakes, estuaries, water treatment and distribution systems,” Tratnyek says. “Understanding aquatic redox processes is essential to all aspects of biogeochemistry, from remediation of legacy contamination problems, to sustaining environmental health, to managing ecosystem services.”

The book arose from a Symposium organized by Tratnyek, Grundl, and Haderlein in honor of the many contributions to this field by Professor Donald Macalady. The symposium took place at the 239th American Chemical Society National Meeting in San Francisco, CA (March 2010). Participants in the symposium, plus a few others, were invited to submit chapters for the book, which resulted in a comprehensive overview of redox core concepts and important new developments written by many of the leading researchers in the field. 

Chapters include topics about the prediction of redox reaction rates and mechanisms, role of redox shuttles in biogeochemistry, interfacial properties of redox active minerals, role of reactive oxygen species in sunlit surface waters, water treatment technologies based on oxidation or reduction, and coupling of redox with transport processes. 

“We hope the book will be adopted as teaching material for upper level students in environmental science or engineering, as well as being a valuable resource for experienced scientists and practitioners.” Tratnyek says. 

Individual chapters from the book, downloadable bibliographic data for each chapter, and a fully hyperlinked table of contents are available online from the American Chemical Society Publications website. Hardcover copies of the book can be purchased from Oxford University Press or Amazon

About the Editors

Dr. Paul G. Tratnyek is currently Professor and Associate Head of the Division of Environmental and Biomolecular Systems (EBS), Institute of Environmental Health (formerly Oregon Graduate Institute, OGI), at the Oregon Health & Science University, Portland OR, USA. His research concerns oxidation-reduction reactions and other physico-chemical processes that control the fate and effects of environmental substances, including minerals, metals, organics, and nanoparticles.

Dr. Timothy J. Grundl is currently Professor in the Geosciences Department and Chair in the School of Freshwater Sciences (formerly the Great Lakes WATER Institute) at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA. His research involves environmental tracers in the study of oxidation-reduction reactions, groundwater provenance and recharge dynamics and fate of pollutants in aquifer systems.

Dr. Stefan B. Haderlein is a full Professor at the Center for Applied Geosciences (ZAG) and Chair of the Environmental Minerology and Chemistry group at the Eberhard-Karls University Tübingen, Germany. His research involves molecular environmental sciences including biogeochemical processes in soils and groundwater, reactions and phase transfer processes of pollutants and development and application of in situ methods to characterize and quantify processes in pristine and polluted subsurface environments.