Dimin Fan



What degree/track are you pursuing?

Ph.D in Environmental Science and Engineering track

Who is (are) your advisors?

I am working with Dr. Paul Tratnyek

What is the focus of your research?

I am studying how engineered and naturally-occurring reactive minerals interact with common groundwater pollutants, such as radionuclides or organic solvents.

How will your research benefit society?

The outcome of my research will help advance our current understanding of the fundamental processes that can affect the remediation of the contaminated groundwater. In applied aspect, the research will provide new tools for practitioners to optimize remediation performance. 

How have you taken advantage of professional development opportunities through OHSU and the Institute of Environmental Health?

I have attended several OAEP forum meetings, of which the audience are largely environmental professionals in Portland area. I've learned quite a lot about the industrial part of the business. Also I mentored several undergraduate and high school interns over the past summers to develop my mentoring skills. 

What do you plan to do with your degree?

With my degree, I am hoping to apply my knowledge and skill sets in environmental remediation field.