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The Oregon Healthy WorkForce Center seeks applications for Pilot Projects. A maximum of $100,000 is available for one 2-year project beginning in July, 2012. The proposal is due June 1, 2012.

Mission of Oregon Healthy WorkForce Center

The Oregon Healthy WorkForce Center was established in September, 2011 as a NIOSH Center of Excellence.  The mission of the Center is to conduct research designed to improve the Total Worker Health (NIOSH TM) - occupational health, safety and personal wellness - of workers by implementing intervention strategies that protect health in the workplace and promote a healthy lifestyle. The goal is a healthier, safer worker and workforce. We seek to fund pilot projects that will expand our portfolio of research on programs that improve occupational health, safety, and personal wellness. Proposals may focus or be powered on one of these three areas, but the proposed intervention must address all three.  For more information about the Center, http:// www.ohsu.edu/xd/research/centers-institutes/croet/oregon-healthy-workforce-center/


The Principal Investigator (PI) must have an appointment at an Oregon state institution (University, College, or state agency) and eligible to obtain federal or state research grants through that organization. Multi-disciplinary, multi-investigator and multi-organization collaborations are encouraged. PIs may submit only one proposal to this announcement, but anyone may be a collaborator on multiple proposals.


Funding is $100K per year that may be spread over 2 years ($50K/year is preferred but with justification a different allocation of funds is acceptable).

Submissions: must include the following sections and not exceed the specified page limits:

  • Cover Letter with the title and date of the proposal, signed by the PI
  • Title sheet (1 page max)
    -  Title
    -  PI
    -  All investigators
    - Total dollar request
    - Time period of request
    - 150 word abstract
    - Signatures of the PI and authorized institutional official
  • Relevance to the Oregon Healthy WorkForce Center mission (0.5 page max)
  • Research Proposal (3 pages max)
    - Specific Aims
    - Hypothesis or Goal
    - Background and Relevance to the workplace
    - Preliminary Findings (if available; not required)
    - Research plan (specific plans including study design, statistical analysis and power)
    - Timeline and quantifiable benchmarks (at least one every 6 months)
    - Significant potential challenges
  • Innovation and Significance (0.5 page max)
  • Plans for obtaining future funding; or, if to be completed in 2 years, identify the product and methods of dissemination (0.5 page max)
  • References (limit of 15) – not included in page limits
  • NIH-type budget (example available on request).  Indirect or institutional overhead costs are not allowed (standard personnel overhead costs are allowed); a letter signed by the authorized institutional official acknowledging this requirement or limitation is required.
  • Support letter from the targeted workplace(s) where the work will be carried out
  • Relevant available resources, including potential staffing or plans to obtain (1 page max)
  • Biographical sketches (include position, education, up to 15 publications, current funding) (3 pages/investigator max)
  • Justification is required If requesting PI salary, major equipment, or conference travel

Proposal Format Requirements

  • Submit the proposal as a PDF
  • Font: Arial 11 point
  • Single Space pages
  • Number pages consecutively
  • ½ inch margins on all 4 sides
  • Figures, graphs, diagrams, charts must have legible type (may be smaller than 11 point) but must be within the allowable number of pages

Submit questions and PDF of the proposal to Kendra Evans by email at:  evansken@ohsu.edu

Review Process

  • Proposals will be initially reviewed by the Oregon Healthy WorkForce Center Internal Steering Committee to ensure that the Aims/Goals of the proposal are consistent with the Pilot Project guidelines and that ALL THREE areas of total worker health - occupational health, occupational safety and personal wellness - are addressed in the proposal (however the proposal may be powered to change only one).  All proposals meeting this benchmark will be distributed to a review team.
  • Review team will be selected to be knowledgeable about the area of research.  It will consist of at least two individuals. Reviewers will not be employed at OHSU/CROET or investigators in the Oregon Healthy WorkForce Center.  Although the reviews will be anonymous, ratings will be provided to the proposal PI.
  • The Oregon Healthy WorkForce Center Internal Steering Committee (ISC) (all PIs + Chair) will pass/reject the highest rated proposal(s) by a majority vote of the PIs + Chair.  An oral presentation will be required of the leading proposal; a pass/fail vote will be held on the leading proposal. Center PIs from the same institution as the PI or investigators of the proposal will be absent for any discussions or votes.

Progress Reports: Chalk-Talks

Project PIs will give oral chalk-talks in the Oregon Healthy WorkForce Center program once every 6 months of the project, describing benchmark achievement, unique and/or challenging elements of the research. Any proposed project design changes must be the subject of a chalk-talk to ensure review by the Director of the Center’s Design and Analysis Core. The PI must inform the Center in writing of any proposed change in the project goals, design, benchmarks, budget (major), and of any significant change in project deliverables. Continuation of funding will be dependent upon achievement of benchmarks in the submitted proposal.

Final Report

A final report will be provided one month after the conclusion (termination) of the project.

Evaluation Criteria

The reviewers will employ the following review criteria:

  • Each criterion lists specific issues or examples as a guide to the reviewers):
  • Scale of 1.0 - 5.0, where 1.0 is Outstanding)
  1. Conception and organization of the proposal ………………. Score _____
  2. Impact and significance ………………………………….…… Score _____
  3. Excellence in science and design is required, with the Randomized Controlled Trial design receiving the highest scores. (Prior to funding, the design be reviewed and approved by the Director of the Oregon Healthy WorkForce Center’s Design and Analysis Core.) ... Score _____ 
  4. Quality and track record of PI and team (or potential) ….…. Score _____
  5. Exit strategy: Plan for acquiring substantial future funding or dissemination plan if a completed product is proposed at the end of 2 years ………………………….…… Score ____
  6. Overall evaluation ………………………………………..……  Score _____           Total Score ______

The “Overall Evaluation” category will capture aspects (both positive and negative) not included specifically in the other categories, but should reflect the overall judgment of the reviewer of the excellence of the proposal. The Total score will be the sum of the six individual scores.  A brief statement (e.g., bullet or phrase) will be provided to reflect the basis for the score on each criterion of the evaluation.

Download the Request for Proposal

Request for Proposal FAQ

Does my project have to be research?
Yes, we are looking for projects that evaluate an intervention using quality design.

I do not work for a state agency. Can I still submit a proposal?
Yes, if your organization can apply for federal funding and you can serve as Principle Investigator, then you are eligible to submit a proposal.