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Be Active, Work Safe: A Novel Program for People with a Disability

Laurel Kincl, PhD and Simon Driver, PhD, Co-PIs

Individuals with disabilities face greater “life and job risks”, increasing the need for health protection and promotion programs tailored for them which are goals of Healthy People 2020 and the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center. This project seeks to develop, test, and disseminate a novel web-based intervention, “Be Active, Work Safe”, that integrates basic occupational health and safety skills into an evidence-based physical activity health promotion model to improve the health and safety of workers with a disability. First we will seek expert and consumer feedback on the programs accessibility and usability to finalize the intervention. Second, the intervention will be evaluated in a randomized controlled trial with participants in services located in Corvallis, Oregon that work to successfully employ clients in a variety of workplaces.