Center Structure

The OHWC is a NIOSH-sponsored Center of Excellence funded in 2011.  The Executive Team consists of the Center Director, Associate Director, Center Manager, and Financial Manager.

Internal Steering Committee

The OHWC Internal Steering Committee provides guidance to the Center Executive Team and faculty.  The Internal Steering Committee meets monthly to discuss ongoing research, outreach and educational activities. The Design and Analysis Core reviews and approves the designs of all research, translational and pilot projects, and maintains the Data Repository for all project data.

External Advisory Committee

The External Advisory Committee provides guidance to the Director on the quality and progress of the research, translational and pilot projects, and of the Center faculty individually.

Outreach Program

The Outreach Program ensures that: (1) the PIs and staff are broadening their horizons by talking with each other and building value from the Center’s existence by learning about each other’s research and capitalizing on opportunities to collaborate or from stakeholders; (2) information about the OHWC is getting out to the stakeholders and that the stakeholders are feeding back reactions, needs and opportunities; and (3) OHWC staff are interacting with stakeholders and disseminating information and products to them.

Education Project

The Education Project will coordinate the seminar program, annual symposia, and the Summer Institute.


  • W. Kent Anger, PhD (Director)
  • Leslie Hammer, PhD (Associate Director' Director, Summer Institute))
  • Kendra Evans, MPH (Center Manager)
  • Janice Stewart (Financial Manager)
  • Diane Elliot, MD, FACP, FACSM (Chair, Internal Steering Committee)
  • Nancy Perrin, PhD (Director, Design and Analysis Core)
  • Dede Montgomery, CIH, MS (Director, Outreach Core; Co-Director, Education Project)
  • Steve Hecker, MS (Co-Director, Education Project)
  • R. Stephen Lloyd, PhD (PI, Pilot Program)

External Advisory Committee

  • Tom Becker, MD, PhD (Oregon Health & Science University/Chair, Public Health & Preventive Medicine)
  • Mark R. Cullen, MD (Stanford University/Chief of General Medicine)
  • Jae P. Douglas, MSW, PhD (Oregon Public Health Division, Research & Education Services Section Manager)
  • Chuck Easterly, BS, ARM (SAIF Corporation, Loss Control Director/worker’s compensation Insurance)
  • Leda Isabel Garside, RN, MBA (Tuality Heathcare ¡Salud! Services)
  • Joseph J. Hurrell, PhD (Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Occupational Health Psychology)
  • John Mohlis (Oregon State Building and Construction Trades Council)
  • Noah Seixas, PhD, MS (University of Washington/Director, NIOSH ERC)
  • Ronald L. Tubby, MS, MBA, CIH, CSP (Intel Corporation)