Exemption request process

As described in WAC 82.75.060 and 82.75.080, the Office of Financial Management (OFM) may grant data suppliers exemptions to a reporting requirement.

Submitters may apply for three kinds of exemptions:

  • Waiver: data supplier is exempted from complying with a reporting requirement for a defined period not to exceed one reporting year
  • Extension: data supplier receives additional time (not to exceed one reporting quarter) to submit a quarterly data submission or data resubmission requirement 
  • Exception: data supplier is approved to file historical data for a period less than the period specified in rule

The exemption procedure and application form are available below as of February 1, 2017; data suppliers also can obtain these materials via the Onpoint Claims Data Manager portal. See the exemption procedure for detailed instructions and submission deadlines. 

Complete applications will be reviewed by OFM and a written response provided to applicants within 30 days of receipt for waivers and exceptions and 15 days for extensions. Submitters may request administrative review of denied applications within 30 days of receiving OFM's decision. Denials at administrative review may be appealed to an administrative law judge through the Office of Administrative Hearings.