About Us

Washington's legislature directed the Office of Financial Management to contract for development and governance of the WA-APCD with a non-profit or educational "lead organization," which was then required to enter a subcontract with a data vendor for data-collection and aggregation services.

Our APCD team aims to unite Washington stakeholders to build a highly useful shared resource and transparency tool for the benefit of all participants in Washington's health care systems.  Team members are:

Lead Organization: Center for Health Systems Effectiveness

The Center for Health Systems Effectiveness (CHSE) at Oregon Health & Science University uses data to improve the value of health care. Our team of health economists and policy researchers have decades of experience in designing and evaluating large-scale health-system reforms. CHSE is working under OFM's direction to coordinate governance for the WA-APCD, including recruitment of Washington stakeholders for two advisory committees, performance oversight of our data vendor, and appropriate and secure release of data in conformance with state regulation.   

Data Vendor: Onpoint Health Data

Onpoint has four decades of experience designing, constructing, managing, and analyzing a wide array of health care databases, including development of half of the nation’s established APCDs. With coordination from OFM and the lead organization, Onpoint works directly with Washington data suppliers to collect, validate, secure, and analyze Washington health care data.

Website and Communications: Forum One

To maximize the WA-APCD's value to Washington health care consumers, the team recruited the Seattle office of Forum One, a communications and digital agency, to design and build the WA-APCD website. A key purpose of the site is to assist consumers in shopping for health care services and providers. Forum One specializes in creating web solutions for mission-driven organizations to extend their influence and impact the world. Their team brings deep experience to tackle the challenge of engaging consumers in their health care decisions. 

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The WA-APCD team is excited to hear from you.   with comments and questions on the program.