May13 Healthcare Analytics Group explores UHC data

05/13/14  Portland, Ore.

OHSU's resident UHC experts demonstration consortium's benchmarking resources

The University HealthSystems Consortium (UHC) web interface offers OHSU analysts an underutilized wealth of benchmarking resources, according to presenters at the May Healthcare Analytics Group meeting.

Stephanie O'Brien, administrative fellow with Hospital Administration, teamed up with Nate McConkie from Strategic Services and Kristi Horne from Care Management to demonstrate some of the queries that can be run through UHC's Clinical Database/Resource Manager interface. O'Brien and McConkie became familiar with the interface during stints at UHC. 

The tools allow analysts to drill down to specific subgroups of procedures and providers and to make comparisons with select peer institutions among the consortium's 120 academic medical center members. 

OHSU is encouraging greater literacy with the database as part of quality and performance improvement efforts in the OHSU health system.

The Healthcare Analytics Group is coordinated by CHSE and brings together analysts from throughout OHSU's healthcare mission to promote networking and exchange. For more information, contact