John McConnell on OPB's "Think out Loud"

10/04/13  Portland, Ore.

City Club reviews poll on Oregonian's healthcare, education views


CHSE Director John McConnell joined DHM Research's principal pollster Adam Davis and Portland school-board member Bonnie Regan to reflect on results from the Oregon Values and Beliefs Study, a newly released survey of almost 4,000 Oregonians on education, healthcare, the environment, and a host of other issues.

Healthcare highlights from the survey results included majority support (outside of eastern Oregon) for a publicly funded universal healthcare option and for insurance premium penalties for fellow citizens who smoke, are obese, or engage in other unhealthy behaviors. Opinions on scientifically and ethically based healthcare rationing were roughly split between for and opposed.

"Think Out Loud" host Dave Miller led the discussion in front of a Friday lunchtime City Club crowd.

The survey was sponsored by OPB, Oregon State University, Oregon Health & Science University, and the Oregon Community Foundation.It was carried out by DHM (Davis, Hibbitts & Midghall, Inc.) and included a geographically and demographically representative sample of almost 4,000 Oregonians, asking nearly 200 questions.

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