Report on ED dental visits uses CHSE APAC data

05/07/14  Portland, Ore.

Study one of the first to make use of new Oregon All Payers All Claims database

In one of the first studies to draw on Oregon's All Payer All Claims database, a team co-led by OHSU's Benjamin Sun found that dental issues are responsible for 77 emergency-room visits every day in Oregon.

The study, led by Sun, MD, MPP, an Emergency Medicine physician, and Dr. Donald Chi, DDS, PhD with the University of Washington's Department of Oral Health Services, was commissioned by the Oral Health Funders Collaborative. The collaborative sought data on the frequency of dental visits to EDs in Oregon, costs associated with them, and reasons why people came to the ED for dental issues rather than seeking care in other settings.

CHSE research associate Ben Chan, MS, performed the APAC part of the analysis, reviewing Oregon health care claims to distinguish those involving emergency departments. Investigators reviewed records from a sampling of Oregon hospitals and carried out interviews with patients, health care administrators, and providers in addition to the APAC analysis.

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