CHSE moves to South Waterfront

04/30/14  Portland, Ore.

Goodbye, Gaines Hall; hello, Moody!

Joining clinics and dental students in a downhill migration, CHSE decamped from Gaines Hall April 30 and set up shop in the newly refurbished 3030 SW Moody building, on the waterfront between the Center for Health and Healing and the new Collaborative Life Sciences Building.  

The long-planned move brings CHSE together with a consortium of other OHSU research groups loosely themed around community-based or health-services research.  

Some new neighbors are long-time collaborators, such as the Care Management section of DMICE, Oregon Rural Practice Research Network, and the Center for Evidence-based Policy (arriving July 2014). Others are new acquaintances, including the Office of Rural Health and the Area Health Education Centers (AHEC).

The move had a time-travel feel as the team bid a sad adieu to Depression-era Gaines, building of our birth as a center, and settled into Moody, a 1970s office space custom-remodeled by OHSU. Goodbye, radiators and dishwashing in the bathroom; hello, centralized heating and kitchen sink! We thank our design and moving/furniture contacts, Shelley Bonaduce and Charlene Happel, for making the most of the space available for our group.