Reporter Noam Levey to visit CHSE, give update on post-midterm health care landscape

10/31/18  Portland, Ore.

Levey reports on national health care developments from his post in Washington DC with the Los Angeles Times

Normally reporters are the people asking the questions. But on November 14, in the middle of a reporting trip to Oregon, LA Times health care correspondent Noam Levey is stopping by OHSU to let us query his perceptions of the national health care landscape following the mid-term elections.  

As candidates vie for voters' attention in the November mid-term elections, health care continues to draw the spotlight both within states as well as at the federal level. Levey's recent reporting features efforts within "red" states to enact Medicaid expansion, federal response to the national opioid addiction epidemic, and other prominent policy topics.

Join us and bring your questions to this interactive event at 3 p.m. on November 14! The talk is in the Robertson Life Sciences Building, 2730 SW Moody Ave., room 3A003B.

Download the event flyer