Second CHSE Summer Equity Research scholar moves on to sleep research lab

08/24/18  Portland, Ore.

Sadé Beasley, PSU grad, stops at CHSE to learn statistical programming and lands full-time OHSU position

Sade at poster presentationSadé Beasley, recent graduate from Portland State University with a bachelor’s in Management and Leadership, interned with CHSE this summer through the OHSU Center for Diversity and Inclusion's Summer Equity Internship Program.

Her work was part of a larger NIH-funded research study led by CHSE Director John McConnell which aims to examine racial and ethnic disparities in care among Oregon Medicaid members.

For her project, Sadé assessed the prevalence of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) infection in the Oregon Medicaid program and identified disparities in prevalence across different racial and ethnic populations. 

Her internship work included a literature review, as well as working with CHSE staff members to learn how to code in R, understand claims data, create an analysis plan and analyze data, then present the results as a poster. 

“During my research internship with CHSE, I was able to develop my interest in programming and learn R to do data analysis for my research project," Beasley said. 

"Working on OHSU’s campus has been a great experience where I was able to network with people across all health care fields and transition into permanent employment after my internship with CHSE ended." 

After leaving CHSE, Beasley began a full-time position in Steven Shea's lab at OHSU's Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences. She plans to work for a few years before applying to a master’s program. Beasley's current interests lie in biostatistics and clinical research.