Faculty & Staff

John McConnellJohn McConnell, Ph.D.

Director, Center for Health Systems Effectiveness

Dr. McConnell is a health economist whose research has focused on state health policy, behavioral health, and quality improvement. His current work includes a study of the uptake and effectiveness of Lean and related management practices in more than 600 hospitals, and an economic evaluation of Oregon’s transformation to Coordinated Care Organizations.


Christina CharlesworthChristina Charlesworth, M.P.H.

Senior Research Associate |

Christina came to CHSE in 2015 from the epidemiology track at Oregon State University. Her prior research focused primarily on prescription medication use among older adults, including examination of characteristics associated with polypharmacy, national trends in prescription drug use, and the impact of functional status on outcomes among older adults receiving antihypertensive therapy.

Rebecca Craven, B.A.

Research Coordinator |

Rebecca provides research and organizational support to the entire center. She has a background in medical anthropology and energy economics and broad experience in operations, including human resources, bookkeeping and administration. Her previous work involved using qualitative methods to evaluate the efficacy of utility efficiency programs.

Konrad DobbertinKonrad Dobbertin, M.P.H.

Research Statistician |

Konrad works on projects in quality improvement and cost reduction as part of CHSE's internal health care analytics team. He hails from OHSU's epidemiology and biostatistics program. Prior to joining CHSE, Konrad worked at the Oregon Office on Disability and Health, investigating disparities in health care access and utilization within the disability community.

Rani George

Rani George, M.P.H.

Project Manager |

Rani supports multiple CHSE projects and is currently focusing on a project evaluating the impact of Oregon's Medicaid reform model on reducing racial and ethnic disparities. Previously, she worked at the Oregon Public Health Division on a statewide evaluation of cancer genetic testing and follow-up procedures. She has contributed to education, planning and analysis activities with public health programs at county and state health departments, community health centers and international health settings.

Lorie Geryk

Lorie Geryk, Ph.D.

Senior Project Manager |

Lorie joined CHSE to manage the Washington State All-Payer Claims Database, a state-agency project that supports transparency of health care information for our neighbors to the north. Lorie did her graduate work in Public Health at the University of South Carolina, where her research centered on the epidemiology of attention-deficit hyperactive disorder in youth. Prior to working with CHSE, Lorie completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of North Carolina's Eshelman School of Pharmacy, where her work focused on chronic disease self-management and health communication.


Jenny Grunditz, M.Sc.Jenny Grunditz

Research Associate |

Prior to joining CHSE in October 2015, Ms. Grunditz worked for two economic consulting firms, where her health care-related work included analysis of hospital mergers and an assessment of the economic consequences of medical liability reform. Ms. Grunditz has experience performing quantitative analysis of data from a broad range of sources and drawing on multiple disciplines, including economics, finance, management, and sociology, to solve complex problems. Her current work at CHSE focuses on health care performance improvement and Medicaid financing. She holds a MSc in Economics from University College London.


Yifan GuYifan Gu, M.S.

Statistical Analyst |

Yifan received her master's degree in statistics from the University of Minnesota. Her current projects include evaluating the effectiveness of Oregon's coordinated care organizations at various aspects of health systems transformation. Before coming to CHSE, she explored working as a statistician in high-tech, insurance, and consulting organizations. Yifan has additional educational background in public policy and is interested in leveraging machine-learning tools to drive policy making high-quality medical care available to everybody.

Jiaming (Jerry) Huang Jiaming (Jerry) Huang, M.S.

Research Analyst |

Jiaming received his M.S. in biostatistics from Columbia University in May 2018. At CHSE, he applies his repertoire of statistical methods on projects related to Medicaid reform and health care delivery. Jiaming is interested in using machine learning and data mining techniques to evaluate and improve health policy. 

Menolly Kaufman, M.P.H.

Research Statistician |

Menolly received her MPH in epidemiology from George Washington University and is currently a doctoral candidate in epidemiology at the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health. She joined CHSE in 2018 and works on projects related to maternal and child health, social determinants and Medicaid payment reform. Prior to joining CHSE, Menolly worked for a think tank and a Medicaid payer.

Hyunjee KimHyunjee Kim, Ph.D.

Health Economist |

Hyunjee's research focuses on health care providers' behavioral responses to payment incentives in the context of the US health care systems. Her recent work explores how home health agencies responded to the Medicare prospective payment system in the 2000s. She is also interested in the health care market, health care cost and quality, long-term care, and aging.
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Jonah KushnerJonah Kushner, M.P.P.

Senior Research Associate |

Jonah contributes to evaluations of Oregon’s health system transformation efforts, including evaluations of coordinated care organizations and efforts to spread Oregon’s coordinated care model. In prior positions, he has planned and executed evaluations of diverse health and human services programs and made health care data meaningful and accessible to a variety of audiences through public-facing reports.


Anna Levy photoAnna Levy, M.P.H.

Research Analyst |

Anna finished her MPH in OHSU’s biostatistics track in 2016. She worked with hospital data at the Oregon Health Authority for the next two years before joining CHSE in 2018. In her undergraduate work, she studied writing and journalism, and she retains her interest in clear and effective communication of data and complex analytics.


Bonnie LindBonnie Lind, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Senior Statistician

Bonnie is a biostatistician who has worked on a wide variety of projects from cardiovascular epidemiology research to analyzing utilization of complementary and alternative medicine under insurance coverage. Her current interests include using data to drive healthcare system change and end-of-life care.
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Stephan LindnerStephan Lindner, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor |

Stephan is a health and labor economist who evaluates the effectiveness of health policy programs and policies.  His current work includes an assessment of AHRQ's EvidenceNOW, a multisite effort to improve primary-care treatment of cardiovascular risk factors and an economic evaluation of Washington's Medicaid Transformation Project.
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Thomas MeathThomas Meath, M.P.H.

Research Associate |

Thomas provides data analysis for the Center to Improve Veteran Involvement in Care (CIVIC) at the Portland VA Medical Center as well as for several CHSE projects.  He came to CHSE in 2014 from the biostatistics track at Oregon State University, where his research included identifying risk factors for child and maternal health, assessing spatial environmental exposures, and evaluating hospital quality metrics.

Stephanie Renfro, M.S.Stephanie Renfro

Associate Director |

Stephanie provides cohesion across CHSE projects and supports overall operations of the center through strategic planning, management and outreach. She is a statistician by training with expertise in health care quality measurement. Her recent work includes a reliability analysis of Washington clinic quality measures, decomposition of Oregon Medicaid spending growth, and evaluations of Oregon Medicaid’s transformation to Coordinated Care Organizations.


EllenaEllena Rosenthal, B.S. 

Research Assistant II |

Ellena joined CHSE in March 2018 to work on the Washington All-Payer Claims Database as well as research on state Medicaid reform and health care disparities. Ellena graduated from the Urban Honors College at Portland State University with a degree in Psychology and Gender studies, focusing on trauma-informed care, Developmental Trauma Disorder, and related therapeutic practices. Before coming to OHSU, Ellena was a communications strategist for a local nonprofit. She continues to work as a freelance journalist, photographer, podcast writer and producer.


Ruth Rowland, M.A.ruth

Director of Operations |

Ruth promotes links between CHSE's ongoing projects and with our internal and external partners and coordinates center planning and administration.  Before coming to CHSE, she spent seven years as administrator for OHSU's Methamphetamine Abuse Research Center. Her background is in communications and she has worked on a number of clinical and social-behavioral research studies.

Kyle Tracy, B.S.Kyle Tracy

Data Scientist

Kyle received his BS in physics from the University of Washington. After a stint in the UW lab looking for dark matter, he ended up working as an analyst in finance. There he worked on projecting financial outcomes and building models for targeted marketing. After that, he hopped over to a large insurance carrier where his work focused on building and maintaining databases and mining medical records for use in forecasting life and disability risk. Kyle is interested in investigating inefficiencies in health care provision, how to improve care for vulnerable populations, and the use of machine learning techniques in health care.


Kim Yee, M.P.H.

Research Analyst |

Kim joined CHSE in July 2016 and will be working on projects related to Medicaid coverage and identifying and reducing health disparities. Prior to this, Kim was a health economics and outcomes analyst at a private consulting firm, and worked for the Oregon Health Authority's All-Payer All-Claims project.