Contact Us

Brenden-Colson Center for Pancreatic Care
Oregon Health & Science University
2730 SW Moody Ave., CL4RS
Portland OR 97201-5042


Phone (administration):  (503) 494-8988

For Patients

For appointments or other clinical matters, please contact the OHSU Digestive Health Center phone: (503) 494-4373, or your providing clinic.

For Referring Providers

To refer a patient to a physician at OHSU specializing in digestive disease, please call us at any time.
24-hour OHSU Consult Service:  (800) 245-6478
OHSU Digestive Health Center:  (503) 494-4373

For Researchers

OHSU Researchers may refer to the O2 Brenden-Colson Center page on the university's intranet for information about funding, specimen resources and seminar schedules.  Those outside OHSU may contact to request information.
To contact a specific Brenden-Colson team member, please visit the Brenden-Colson Staff Pages.