Yosef Berlow

Yosef BerlowExperience: Yosef is an MD/PhD candidate at OHSU beginning his graduate study in the Department of Behavioral Neuroscience.  He received undergraduate degrees in psychology and behavioral neuroscience from Lehigh University and spent five years involved in clinical research at McLean Hospital, where he participated in neuroimaging studies investigating late life mood disorders and neurodegenerative dementias.  He is currently working with William Rooney at the AIRC to develop techniques for identifying age-related changes in the brain using quantitative T1 relaxometry.


  • MRI Image Analysis Software (FMRIb's Software Library (FSL), 3D Slicer, MRIcron) 
  • Statistical Analysis (JMP, SAS) 
  • Shell Scripting 
  • Database Design

Contact: Email