Jingang Xu

Jingang XuTitle: Research Associate

Experience: Jingang pursued his undergraduate studies at Shandong University of Technology in China where he received a Bachelor's of Science degree in 1982. He went on to achieve Masters of Science degrees in Computer Science and Computer & Electrical Engineering in Belgium and Portland, respectively. Since the embryonic phase of the AIRC, Jingang has been an integral resource for data processing and database applications. He has worked closely, for example, with OHSU Principal Investigators develop MRI/fMRI image processing algorithms and dynamic-contrast-enhanced (DCE) MRI data processing programs. Currently, Jingang is administering the DICOM image database, improving DCE-MRI data curve fitting speed, and developing mechanical parts for NMR coils among other projects.  When he is not maintaining the AIRC server, Jingang enjoys classical music and table tennis.


  • Data Handling
  • Unix/Linux system administration
  • Software and Hardware maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Relational database administration and application development
  • PACS system administration and troubleshooting
  • MRI/fMRI image processing
  • C/C++, VB, Matlab, IDL programming
  • Mechanical system design and development
  • Machine tools operation
  • Woodworking and carpentry

Contact: Email