Oregon Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment Registry (POLST/OPR)

Provide a service to Oregonians statewide, by volunteering with the OR POLST Registry. Volunteers will be compiling packets of Registration materials for our Registrants. Primarily responsible for: cutting out labels, creating magnets; folding and stuffing envelopes with letters, labels magnets; and confirming each packet is complete before mailing. Volunteers may also assist in compiling educational materials.

Interested? Contact: Hanna Nelson

For more information visit the POLST website.


Research & Academic Volunteer Services connects potential volunteers to various opportunities, orients them to the complex OHSU environment, and guides them through the volunteer registration process. This program also links Research, Academic, and Central Services departments to interested volunteers.

Hours of Operation

Walk-in hours:


Locations can vary - contact us! We will either set up an appointment & location, or notify you of where our weekly "Walk-in Hours" session is being hosted.


Caleb_VVCaleb Haley: Working in VirtuOHSU

For many who register with our program, applying to medical school is a major contributing factor to becoming a volunteer at OHSU. Caleb was no exception as his passion for medicine has only been fueled from his time spent volunteering with VirtuOHSU. In Caleb's one and a half years spent with VirtuOHSU he states how has been able to "network and build professional relationships with medical students, residents, and faculty" to gain many invaluable mentors.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in becoming a volunteer like Caleb check out our guide to registering as a volunteer. Read more stories like Caleb's here.