Behavioral Neuroscience - Fair Neuroimaging Lab

Primary responsibilities will include assisting with EEG acquisition, as well as data entry and processing related to EEG recordings.

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\\Client\H$\Desktop\OlgaOlga Britantchouk, Vascular Surgery

Olga Britantchouk, research intern with the Vascular Surgery Department, starts off her shift scrubbing in for surgery, conversing with the surgeon, and settles in to watch her first heart-transplant. Even after being witness to dozens of other surgeries, Olga gets engulfed by a rush each time she has the opportunity to watch OHSU surgeons in action. Olga remembers when she started volunteering, "I wanted to go into pharmacy and was just interested in shadowing surgery. But after my first day volunteering, I knew there was no going back. I had my heart set on becoming a surgeon."

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