Scientific Integrity

The Oregon Health and Science research community is committed to the ethical conduct of science. OHSU researchers serve on the OHSU Scientific Integrity Committee whose function is to review and make decisions on allegations of research misconduct, which is falsification, fabrication or plagiarism in research.See Scientific Integrity Committee is appointed by and reports to the OHSU Institutional Official who is the OHSU Vice President for Research.

Federal law provides the framework for the investigation of research misconduct.Federal standards for the management of research misconduct are set out by the NIH Office of Research Integrity. 

The OHSU Scientific Integrity Chair is Kara Drolet, PhD. and the Co-Chair is Gary Westbrook, M.D.  Dr. Drolet invites questions or concerns regarding potential research misconduct at  or extension 4-6727; Dr. Westbrook is also available for questions or concerns at or extension 4-5436.  

Authorship attribution issues at times are raised as scientific misconduct issues. Authorship attribution is managed by the Office of the Provost, and inquiries should be directed to David Robinson, Ph.D., Executive Vice Provost at or extension 4-7361.

Members of the OHSU community who are unsure whether a matter is research misconduct or authorship attribution are invited to contact either the Executive Vice Provost or the Scientific Integrity Committee Chair for guidance.