External Resources

Shipping Information - Information on shipping requirements including applicability, training, and resources provided by the Environmental Health & Safety Department

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of Interest to IBCs and recombinant DNA researchers (information provided by the NIH OBA). Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the NIH Review Process for Human Gene Transfer Trials(information provided by the NIH OBA).

NIH Guidelines for Research Involving Recombinant or Synthetic Nucleic Acid Molecules (March 2013):

Section I-E - General Definitions

Section III-A - Experiments that Require Institutional Biosafety Committee Approval, RAC Review, and NIH Director Approval Before Initiation

Section III-D - Experiments that Require Institutional Biosafety Committee Approval Before Initiation

Section III-F - Exempt Experiments

Section IV-B-7 - Principal Investigator (PI) Responsibilities

Appendix B - Classification of Human Etiologic Agents on the Basis of Hazard

Appendix C - Exemptions under Section III-F-6

Appendix G-II - Physical Containment Levels

Appendix M - Points to Consider in the Design and Submission of Protocols for the Transfer of Recombinant DNA Molecules into One or More Human Research Participants

Other Resources

Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories (BMBL) 5th Edition

Health Canada's Patogen Safety Data Sheets and Risk Assessment 

NIH Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee's Guidance on the Biosafety of Lentiviral Vectors

NIH OBA Pamphlet: Investigator Responsibilities for Research Involving Recombinant DNA