Research Rates

Obtaining research rates

In order to receive the discounted rates on your study you must submit the visit schedule for review within eCRIS.  All departments involved in providing research services for the study will receive an email notification to review and approve the research rates for the services from their cost center.  The purpose of obtaining the clinical service approval is to notify each applicable clinical area of a research study requiring services from their department, and to confirm research rates will be applicable for those services (or rates will be created when standard research rates don't apply.)  You must complete the visit schedule and submit for Clinical Services Review within eCRIS.  It will route electronically for review to the appropriate reviewers for their review and approval.

Hospital pricing

OHSU clinical services are charged to OHSU sponsored projects at a discounted rate. These rates, which are negotiated with the Department of Health and Human Services per policy, are called research rates.

For research study budgeting purposes, you can find full rate and research pricing for hospital charges on the OHSU Research Rates webpage.  When you locate the test/procedure you are looking for, the full hospital price will be listed along with the "technical fee discount". Multiply the full hospital price by the technical fee discount. The result is the amount that that will be charged to the research account for that test/procedure. It is highly encouraged that you contact the appropriate department contact to verify pricing information (see Departmental Contacts below).

Professional fees

Many tests/procedures also have professional fees.  Professional fees are also available on the OHSU Research Rates webpage.  The professional fees listed are already discounted and should be added to get the total cost that will be charged for a particular service.  Determine whether your study needs professional services (e.g. interpretation of x-rays) in addition to any procedure costs in your budget. The professional fee price is listed under the heading "Professional Fees" and already reflects the applicable discount, if any.

Departmental contacts

In addition to looking up the price of the service in the research rates database, you are strongly encouraged to also contact the department research rate contact on the departmental contact list or at the contact listed under the hyperlink of the test in the research rates webpage to verify the correct rate for the services being budgeted.  The contact person listed will also review and approve the research rates for their costs center within eCRIS.  See the Industrial Accounts page for more information on obtaining industrial accounts or zero charge accounts.

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