Scheduling Research Appointments


There are generally three possible scenarios when scheduling a study-related appointment for a research subject.  The three scenarios are:

  • Research Only: Limited to research-only services – no services will be billed to research subject or insurance; any services conducted will be billed to the research account or will be performed at no charge.
  • Mixed Standard of Care and Research: Involves research-only services and study related standard of care – some services will be billed to subject or insurance and some will be billed to research industrial account.
  • Standard of Care Only: Limited to standard of care only – all services will be billed to research subject or insurance.

Please view the Scheduling Research patients for Outpatient Appointments in Cadence for information on how to schedule these different types of visits.

For assistance with scheduling research appointments in Epic, contact Healthcare Operations Support at phone 503-494-5676 / email

Scheduling Inpatient Research Admissions