Research Account Definitions

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OGA Award Number Oracle Grants Accounting Award number.  This is the account number assigned to funds for a sponsored project award (any grant, contract, agreement or sub award to OHSU). Typically it is an alpha numeric string that starts with an A.   AABCD1234 - Communicated on the Notice of OGA Account Setup / Revision sent when the award is set-up in OGA.
OGA Project Number Oracle Grants Accounting Project Number.  Projects are set-up for each budget year of an Award (with the exception of clinical trials) and the account number for the budget year is the OGA project number. The format of the number is typically an alpha numeric string  that starts with an G. After the G, the string typically matches the award.(ex. GABCD1234)   GABCD1234 - Communicated on the Notice of OGA Account Setup / Revisionsent when the project is set-up in OGA.
OGA Project Alias This is an 8 digit number typically starting with 9.  It is the alias associated with your OGA project.   90000123 - Communicated on the Notice of OGA Account Setup / Revision sent when theis set-up in OGA.
Research Industrial Account An account number used to order clinical services from OHSU Healthsystem that need to charged to an OGA Award.Research Industrial accounts are tied to the study's OGA alias and are in the format of a 9 digit number string that starts with 1.   123456789 - Assigned by Patient Business Services (PBS) within eCRIS or upon receipt of an Industrial account request form.
Zero Charge Account Dummy research industrial account used to identify research subjects in Epic when there are no clinical services being charged to a research industrial account.  They are formatted as a 9 digit number that starts with 7.   70001234 - Assigned within eCRIS or by request by the Clinical Research Billing Office (CRBO) in conjunction with PBS.
FAID A FAID is a Fiscal Authority ID number. This code acts as electronic authorization for internal transactions to go through the IBS (Internal Billing System).  The FAID is used in conjunction with an account or alias to verify the requester has obtained fiscal authority before requesting the transaction.  The FAID number is 8 digits. The first four digits are alpha characters and represent a department using a department code. The last 4 digits are numeric and randomly generated.   GADM1234 - IBS Administration assigns FAIDs to the fiscal authorities of oracle accounts.To obtain an FAID of an account, request the FAID from the person with fiscal authority over the account.
FOMOPPL The General Ledger Chart of Accounts structure consists of seven segments: (1) Fund, (2) Org, (3) Mission, (4) Object, (5) Program, (6) Provider, and (7) Location.    0151-87213-88-000-0000-000 - Provided by Central Financial Services (CFS) when accounts are set up.
POETA The Grant Chart of Accounts structure consists of five segments: (1) Project, (2) Org, (3) Expenditure Type, (4) Task, and (5) Award.   GXXXX0000X-Alpha Description of Org-GR Alpha description of Exp type-1-AXXXX0000