2012 Conflict of Interest in Research Regulations

NIH revisions to the Conflict of Interest in Research (CoIR) regulations went into effect August 24, 2012. The related OHSU policies have revised may be reviewed on the CoI policies page.  

How will this affect you?

What must be disclosed has changed significantly, and will include:

  • all significant financial interests related to institutional responsibilities
  • compensation and stock amounts greater than $ 5000
  • royalty income (including source and monetary value) must now be reported
  •  Public Health Service (PHS) funded investigators must report sponsored/reimbursed travel in some circumstances.

New financial interests must be disclosed within 30 days of obtaining the financial interest.

In the event of non-compliance with the new policies, a retrospective review must be completed in order to determine whether any PHS funded research conducted during the period of noncompliance was biased in the design, conduct, or reporting of such research.

Investigators must receive training on requirements. This training is part of the current Integrity Foundations course.

Read the FAQs below to determine when you need to submit a new form in eCoI reporting system.

Contact us with any additional questions: coir@ohsu.edu or 503 494 7887 option #1

  • Log into eCoI (https://bigrain.ohsu.edu/coi/)
  • On the home page, hover over the "Reports" tab (on the horizontal tool bar) and click on "Compliance"
  • Click on one of the Mission Names
  • Clicking on a specific department or organization will then list all of that department/org's members who are required to file CoI disclosures.* Included is the person's name, whether overdue or up to date ("completed"), date of last submission and due date for next submission.

* See the CoI website for listing of individuals required to submit annual disclosures.