Current Studies

CTraIn provides primary care, medication and transitions support for uninsured and Medicaid-insured patients.

ORPRN is currently partnering with rural primary care clinicians throughout the state of Oregon to study clinical interventions, behavioral health, practice transformation, and community engagement.

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A Community-based Assessment of Skin Care, Allergies, and Eczema (CASCADE)

PI: Eric Simpson, MD, MCR
Topic: Pragmatic, community-based randomized trial to determine the effect of skin care education on the development of atopic dermatitis.

Accountable Health Communities (AHC)

PI: Bruce Goldberg, MD
Topic: ORPRN acts as the bridge organization of a consortium to screen Medicaid and Medicare beneficiaries for health related social needs and connect them to community services. See the CMS website  for more information about the AHC model.
The contents provided are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of HHS or any of its agencies.The project described was supported by Funding Opportunity Number CMS CMS-1P1-17-001 from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Collaboration for Healthy Oregon Through Systematic Evaluation (CHOOSE)

Topic: A collaboration between ORPRN and the OHSU Center for Health Systems Effectiveness to provide program evaluations to health systems, clinical practice, and community based partners addressing chronic health conditions. ORPRN is currently evaluating the Oregon Colorectal Cancer Screening Project (CRCP).

Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+)

PI: David Dorr, MD; Ronald Stock, MD
Topic: Demonstration project to achieve Triple Aim through five comprehensive primary care functions of access, care management, comprehensiveness and coordination, patient engagement and population health.

COPD Assessment in Primary Care to Identify Undiagnosed Respiratory Disease and Exacerbation Risk (CAPTURE)

PI: Fernando Martinez, MD (Weill Cornell Medicine);  MeiLan Han, MD (University of Michigan); LJ Fagnan, MD (site PI)
Topic: Assess the ability of a 5-question screener, CAPTURE, to identify people at risk of COPD, and assess the best methods to implement CAPTURE screening within primary care practices.

CPCRN Colorectal Cancer (CRC) Screening Microsimulation

PI: Stephanie Wheeler, PhD, Melinda Davis, PhD site PI
Topic: Explores regional patterns in colorectal cancer screening and uses a microsimulation model to determine which evidence-based interventions would have the greatest return on investment to implement.

EOCCO Transformation Community Benefit Initiative Reinvestments Program

PI: Anne King, MBA
Topic: ORPRN administers the TCBIRP which provides funding and technical assistance to health systems, clinics, public health, social service agencies and community advisory councils aimed at improving health care and population health in Eastern Oregon.

Healthy Hearts Northwest (H2N)

PI: Michael Parchman, MD ; Lyle Fagnan, MD Oregon PI
Topic: A three-year project for primary care practices that aims to improve the cardiovascular health of patients by expanding existing quality improvement capacity. See the Healthy Hearts NW website for more information.


Community Health Improvement & Research Partnership (CHIRP)