An Overview of ORPRN

ORPRN is a statewide network of primary care clinicians, community partners, and academicians dedicated to studying the delivery of health care to rural residents and conducting research to reduce rural health disparities. Our studies use implementation science and knowledge transfer methods to transform rural health care delivery.

ORPRN is headquartered at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, and has regional offices staffed by Practice Enhancement Research Coordinators (PERCs).


In May 2002, Oregon voters passed a bond measure to support Oregon Health & Science University's Oregon Opportunity program. The goals of the program included improved health access for rural Oregonians, job creation, and improved research facilities. With these funds, OHSU invested in the Oregon Rural Practice-based Research Network (ORPRN).

ORPRN then developed, submitted, and was awarded a grant from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) for the creation of a practice-based research network (PBRN).

Originally started with 6 clinics, the network has grown to cover the entire state of Oregon, and currently works with over 200 primary care practices. 

ORPRN is run by a set of bylaws and overseen by a 11-member steering committee comprised of physicians, non-physician clinicians, and practice managers from across Oregon. The core operations of ORPRN are conducted by physicians, scientists, and research staff at OHSU.

Areas of Expertise

  • Implementation of evidence-based practices to improve the delivery of preventive health services and chronic illness care
  • Community-based participatory research approaches to respond to community identified health improvement priorities
  • Studying practice transformation to patient-centered primary care home (PCPCH)
  • Use of health IT to improve patient safety and coordinated patient care
  • Randomized controlled trials

Learn more about our mission and meet our staff and steering committee.