Resources for Teens


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For Poisoning Help: Call us at 1-800-222-122 or go to

Event Coming Up! Teen Focus Group in February 22, 2018. More details here.

On Drugs:

National Institute on Drug Abuse for Teens

drug resources





NIDA for Teens: Interactive site for teens.


Sharing Pills Can Kill

share pills can kill









Click here for more information on Pill Sharing in Tweens and Teens                                                                                                                                


On Getting Help:

calling poison help

       Call the OPC if you or someone:

        Has Taken an unknown pill.

        Taken more than prescribed.

         Mixed alcohol or other drugs with pills.

        Or just need information on drugs of abuse, pills or poisoning related questions.




Need a little extra help?sad lady

Oregon Youth Line

YouthLine is a free, confidential teen-to-teen crisis and help line.

National Alliance on Mental Illness Oregon

National Alliance on Mental Illness Oregon.

The Trevor Project

Provides crisis intervention for LGBTQ youth.

On Babysitting Tips

babysitter call poison center











Are you a babysitter? or are you planning to become one? Check this site out: Babysitter Tips.

Become a Poison Prevention Educator! Take our online training:

online training








Click here to get access to the training.

On Poisoning Help

Poison Help online







There are two ways to contact the Poison Center:

By calling 1-800-222-1222

By visiting :

 Teen Poisons by the numbers: 

Top teen poisons