Oregon Poison Center Education Program

Public Education and Outreach

Public education is a significant component of the role of a regional poison center.  Our goal is to decrease the incidence and severity of poisonings through poison prevention education and outreach.

Our public education program is implemented and maintained by part time public educators.  Our educators work with community leaders to provide poison prevention training for community events such as employee & safety health fairs, as well as school events.

The education program uses materials such as Mr. Yuk stickers, magnets, brochures, videos, and posters to support poison prevention messages throughout the community.  Our handouts, puzzles, and game sheets are available in downloadable form from our website. To cover the cost of purchased materials generated by this educational program, the Oregon Poison Center is dependent upon public donations.

Professional Education

As the only medical toxicology resource in our region, the Oregon Poison Center has a responsibility to provide education to health care providers regarding care and management of patients experiencing a poisoning or toxic exposure. The model of poison center service in high acuity poisonings is to provide telephone advice and treatment recommendations to treating health care providers.  The successful management of those patients is dependent on the skills and ability of the treating provider, combined with the knowledge and advice of the poison center staff. This successful collaboration is dependent on a perceived level of confidence and understanding between these health care providers. The comprehensive knowledge of poison center staff has been developed from experience in management of thousands of poisoning cases.  This cumulative knowledge base provides a rich source of information for health care providers in the community treating people exposed to toxic substances. In addition, the ability to provide health care providers with information on the most effective use of poison center resources can assure that the poison center is contacted at a point in the patient’s course when treatment can be most effective.

The physician and nursing staff of the Oregon Poison Center provides professional toxicology education through lectures, conferences, medical journal articles and didactic learning experiences.

If you have any questions about our education programs, free to contact our education department at 1 800 222-1222.

Oregon Poison Center Educators

Tonya Drayden, RN, MSN, CSPI, Public Education Coordinator
Lisbeth Ward-Fowler, RN, CSPI, Public Educator