2014 OCCYSHN Partners Spring Training Presentations


Prematurity Skills Building:


Case Study: Successfully Breastfeeding the Premature Infant

Melissa Nash, MPH, RD


Complications of Prematurity

Jenny Wilson, MD


Nutrition Management of the Premature Infant

Melissa Nash, MPH, RD



Sue Omel RN, MS, MPH


Friday May 2nd, 2014


Care Coordination with Medical Homes

Judy Cleave, MPH, RN,


Effecting Change For All Families: Positive Solutions for when Behavior is Problematic

Tim Andrews, MS


Evaluating Pediatric Nutrition Problems in CYSHN - COMING SOON!

Susan Filkins, MS, RD, LD


Expanding CaCoon Services to Youth with Special Health Care Needs

Various Speakers from three counties participating in CaCoon for Youth Project


Genetic Evaluation and Testing: New Genetic Testing Approaches and Meeting the Families' Needs – COMING SOON!

Karen Kovak, MS, CGC


Nutrition and ASD: Beyond Picky Eating – COMING SOON!

Susan Filkins, MS, RD, LD


An Overview of Collaborative Problem Solving: Parenting, Teaching, and Treating Kids with Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Challenges – UNAVAILABLE FOR DISTRIBUTION

Erik Kola, RN, QMHP


Team-based problem solving – Assessment and support plan design to address needs of children with problem behavior

Robert Horner, PhD, MS


The Parallel Process of Co-Regulation: Holding the Family For Better Child Health & Well-Being Outcomes

Sherri Alderman, MD, MPH, IMH-E


Positive Behavior Support: Building Effective Assistance for Children with Problem Behavior

Robert Horner, PhD, MS,


Transforming Oregon's Systems of Care: Increasing Our Capacity to Serve the Whole Child

Dana Hargunani, MD, MPH


Saturday May 3rd, 2014


The Medical Home for Children with ASD: Building a Strong Foundation:


The Medical Home for Children and Youth with ASD'S and other Developmental Disabilities

Robert Nickel, MD, Medical Consultant, OCCYSHN


The Pediatric Medical Home: Building a Strong Foundation

RJ Gillespie, MD, MHPE, Medical Director, Oregon Pediatric Improvement Partnership


What Does Medical Home Mean to Your Families

Shelley Barnes, BS, Family Involvement Coordinator, OCCYSHN


Update on Medical Issues for Children with ASD:


Autism Spectrum Disorders and Sleep

Kyle Johnson, MD



Jon Zonana, MD


Gastroenterology – COMING SOON!

Ramya Ramraj, MD