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Parents tell us

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"Finding the right doctor or specialist takes time, especially if you have a child with complex needs." "We tried to find someone who knew about my daughter's condition that she would be comfortable with. We finally found one my daughter liked who didn't know much about Nf1 but was willing to learn." "My son's dentist is so gentle and patient; I wish I could go to him. His office hygienist was the first to x-ray my child without a fight." "I went to the ASO (Autism Society of Oregon) referral page and got a referral to a wonderful Occupational Therapist. Now my daughter ties her own shoes."

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Pediatricians/Developmental Pediatricians.

Primary Care and Family Practice


Regional low cost dental clinics Oral health care coalition list

Free or low cost dental clinics Crowd sourced list


Pediatric Ophthalmologists  American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus AAPOS

Optometrists Oregon   Optometrists Washington

Pediatric Psychiatrists

Psychology today:  Find a therapist search

Speech and Language Pathologists or Audiologists

Physical Therapists

Applied Behavioral Analysts and Therapists

Genetic Counselors Oregon listing

Genetic Counselors directory ACMG 

Occupational Therapists

For other specialties not listed, ask your Primary Care Provider for suggestions, or check with the Children's Hospitals for specialty clinics, like Congenital Brain Anomalies Program.