Community Developmental Disabilities Programs

Developmental disability services

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Developmental Disability services brochure

K-Plan (Oregon support) brochure

You may have hours for respite care.  Our tip sheet can help you find the right person

You can look at this list of already registered PSWs to see if there is one in your area

If you find someone who would like to be a PSW they can sign up here

You will be making an Individual Service Plan (ISP) for or with your child if they receive DD services.  Here are some examples of Oregon Individual Service Plans (ISP)s.

Applying for Disability services through the state is a useful first step in getting Supplemental Security Income for your child.

What you should know before applying for SSI

Child SSI disability application checklist

Child Disability Report to speed up the application process start this ahead of time.   You do want to be careful about your IEP goals and statements.  They must be realistic and show that your child is unable to support themselves, otherwise your application will probably be denied. A lawyer who specializes in disability requests can help you word your application to make it more likely that your child's application will be accepted.

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