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Parents tell us...

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"I had no idea what I was getting into when my son was born." "At first we struggled to get anyone to listen to us.  Then we had to get the school to talk to her doctor, which was really hard." "I had to learn how to talk to my insurance company, spending hours on the phone.  Now I have a care coordinator, which helps so much!"

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Concerns about a child's development?

Start here for information about screening for developmental delays

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Health care providers and specialists

Find the right team of doctors and specialists for your child.

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Community developmental disability programs 

There are a variety of services for children and adults with developmental disabilities.  In Oregon, most services come through your county developmental disability services office, but there are federal, state, county, local and organizational supports and services for those with disabilities.

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We have divided our education resources by age

Birth-5  Early learning    6-12  Education and school 

13-17  Learning and education    18-26  Advanced education and training


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