Resources for Young Adults

Young adults tell us...

man cleaning laundry room from a wheelchair

Learning to live as an adult is hard, but with planning and support, I have an adult life that is right for me." I have tried everything, dorm living, traveling, living alone, with a group, moving back home, and now starting a new family home.  At different times different situations have worked for me." "I had to decide what I really wanted and aim for that.  I am not there yet but I am still young." I had a lot to learn before I could really live on my own, setting up utilities, signing a lease, buying insurance, making a system to keep things clean, talking to my housemates about what the house rules are, all of these things are tricky, but useful.

Recreation and community life I  Mental health  I  Advanced education and training  I Transition to adult health care   Finding work  I  Housing choices and supports  I  Service animals

Recreation and community life

Find ideas here for fun, travel, and being part of the community.

Social-Emotional and Mental health

Mental health includes emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It determines how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Learn about resources to support and enhance your mental health.

Advanced education and training

Students are allowed to finish public high school up until the age of 21. Many people seek college or advanced training afterwards. Locate information to find and pay for education opportunities.

Transition to adult health care

Finding an adult healthcare is challenging for some. Helpful transition ideas and checklists guide the way.