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Young adults tell us...

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"I wish I had done better research on scholarships.  My senior year of college I found one that was so specific that I was probably the only one who applied. I could have had smaller student loans if I had paid attention." "I didn't know that I could have longer to take tests, or take fewer courses and still keep my financial aid, until I visited the Office of Disability Services." 

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Education after high school

There are lots of opportunities to learn once high school is finished. Students who had an IEP or 504 plan are potentially eligible for services and accommodations at colleges and universities. Go to the disability office at the college or university  to learn more. Continuing your education is in an investment of time, energy, and money. Do a lot of research for the right program or school before signing up or paying for anything. 

Finding college and trade programs

On-line colleges and programs

Special education rights, post-secondary education

Wright's Law on college and continuing education

Choosing a private career school


Check with the college or university's financial aid, disability services, or diversity office to find scholarship opportunities.  

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