Family Resources

Parents tell us...

support group meeting

"I spend a lot of time on the Internet after my child is in bed, before I can sleep." "There is so much going on that it seems like there is another new crises every week." "Sometimes I just need someone to talk to that understands, who doesn't pass judgment or tell me, 'I should just do or try...'." "Why does this all have to be so complicated? I feel like I need a college degree just to find, much less, fill out some of these forms."

baby swaddled

Birth to five

The time between birth to five years is a huge time of growth for your child. Find information specific birth to five year olds.  

child doing homework

Six to twelve

Your school age child is gaining new skills and continues to grow. Find resources specific to your child ages 6-12.

teen boy in a wheelchair holding a ball

Thirteen to seventeen

Teens are on their way to becoming independent and responsible. Find resources for teen
recreation, mental health, education, and planning for the future. 

woman laying in a field of flowers

Eighteen to twenty-six

Young adulthood is a time of change and opportunities. Find helpful resources for adult
education, housing, employment, community inclusion, recreation,
physical and mental health