Resources for Families of School Age Children

Parents tell us...

boy with friends

"Starting school was a big transition for US and our kids!"  "With support from me and the school, my child is learning and even thriving."  "Making friends took time. Reading and math are important, but I really want him to have true friends."  "School is a big part of her life, and so are Girl Scouts, her cat, and spending time with grandma."


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Play and recreation: Ages 6-12

Play and recreation are an important for your child. Learn about opportunities for your child to have fun and grow.

Children's social-emotional, and behavioral health

The Center for Disease Control states that 1 in 5 children have or will experience a mental health challenge. Learn more about ways to support your child's social-emotional and behavioral health.

Childcare for school age children

You may need others to help care for your child at times. Use these resources to find a safe, supportive, and fun childcare situation for
your child.

Education and school

Some children need additional supports in school. Learn about possibilities for educational supports for your child.

Service and emotional support animals

Animals can be a source of emotional and physical support, but they are also a lot of responsibility.  You can learn more about the types of support animals and what rights and responsibilities come with having a support animal.

Special health needs essentials

If you have a child with special health needs they will probably interact with one or more systems in Oregon.  Here are some of the basic systems your special need child will interact with.

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