Financial Help

Parents tell us...

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"It's like a part time job trying to figure out how to pay for the things she needs. I get worn out; why can't insurance or DD services just pay? It is easy to see she needs these things." "I don't know what's going to happen when we are unable to care for him ourselves. Will there be enough money for him to have what he needs?" "I don't know where to start with insurance."

Health insurance  I Home modifications for safety/access  I Medicine and supplies I  Miscellaneous needs  Medical transportation for OHP approved visits  I Long term financial planning  I Medical bills and payment plans I Supplemental security income (SSI)  I Basic needs  I Conferences and trainings for families  I  Scholarships 


There are lots of different local programs that help with home modifications, these groups will know what is available in your area.

Community Developmental Disabilities Programs

Centers for Independent Living

Prescriptions can be extremely expensive, sometimes you need help paying for them.

Miscellaneous needs

OR F2F HIC funding brochure

Assistive Technology Program

When Insurance Won't Pay

Frequently asked questions about medical transportation

Map of brokerage services providing transportation

Long term financial planning

Preparing for your child's future needs is important. Oregon has created some ways to help save, without affecting services.

Special Needs Trust Oregon

The ABLE Act in Oregon