Crisis, Trauma, Emergencies, and Safety

Call 911 for immediate danger

stacked hands of support

First- If everyone is safe right now, take a deep breath.  We have resources for a variety of problems. All sites will lead to someone who can help you. 

If you are not safe leave the situation if at all possible, call 911 for emergency services, the domestic violence crisis line 888-235-5333 or search for domestic violence programs in your city or county

Second- If you are struggling to find solutions or need emotional support, contact call 855-323-6744 (English)  503-931-8930 (Spanish).  A Parent Partner will call you back within two business days.

Third- You can plan for the unexpected. Emergency plans and safety information will reduce your family's stress.

Fourth- Even though we would like to, we can't protect our children from everything.  If your child experiences a traumatic event there are many people in Oregon who can help.