Emergency Planning and Safety

Parents tell us...

checklist for emergencies

"Before I had my son I didn't worry about earthquakes.  Now I have to plan a battery backup for his wheelchair." "If have to prepare her for a dentist visit, I triply have to prepare her for a house fire."  "After our first ER visit I learned to have all paperwork ready to go, in the car, and in his backpack." "Our whole family feels better knowing that there is a plan for every one, including the cat." 

Some children need the emergency room more often than others. This tip sheet can help you plan for the emergency room

Emergency Preparedness (natural disaster) from Alaska

Emergency Preparedness Electronic Information Form (health)

Medical form for emergencies

Helping Youth Cope After a Disaster

Helping Children Cope After a Disaster

Planning for a future mental health crisis.  Yours or your child's/youth's, Oregon's Declaration of Mental Health Treatment (DMHT)