Oregon AHECs mission is to improve the health of individuals in rural and underserved areas through education and workforce development.

AHEC Pipeline

What We Do

Oregon AHEC helps develop health career pathways and sustainable healthcare in Oregon communities through the following activities:

  • Conduct programs to expose and recruit high school students from rural or underserved areas into health careers
  • Prepare OHSU students to effectively provide health services to underserved areas and health disparity populations by supporting field placements, rural and community health clerkships and rural residency programs
  • Conduct and participate in interdisciplinary education for future health professionals focused on rural and underserved communities
  • Facilitate continuing education and information dissemination programs for health care professionals, with an emphasis on individuals providing care in underserved areas and for health disparity populations¬†
  • Support the development of diverse health care professionals committed to the delivery of high-quality care in rural or underserved areas
  • Implement effective program and outcomes measurement and evaluation strategies to respond to changing health care needs