Rob West, School of Medicine

Rob West is deserving of a Golden ROSE award for many reasons, but I specifically want highlight the work he has done to develop the OHSU StudentSpeak blog. OHSU is an incredible place with many missions, but one aspect of OHSU life that is often not in the spotlight is that of being a student. To give our student body a public forum to share in that experience, Rob created the blog in 2011 where a handful of School of Medicine students submitted regular entries about student life. The first year covered topics ranging from cat herding to working with patients who object to your ethnicity or religion. This project has expanded to represent students across multiple academic programs. PhD, MD, MPH, PA, dual degree and Nursing students all share their entries about their experiences in the same place. The StudentSpeak blog has grown into something much more than a just a site to read about the student experience. It's a learning tool in and of itself. It's a portal for the public and prospective students to see what OHSU's academic programs are all about. Most of all, it's a tool to give our students' platform to be heard. Sometimes it's difficult to feel like you have a voice in such a large organization, but Rob has made that a possibility. On behalf of all of the programs represented by the StudentSpeak blog, we thank Rob for his hard work to maintain the site and look forward to its continual success.      

Submitted by Richard Goranflo III, School of Medicine