Tom Drury, February 2013

Tom Drury, Manager, Health Care Applications Management

tom drury golden rose 2-13

As a major drama in our lives comes to a pleasant conclusion, it is important that I tell you of a truly outstanding member of your team. Tom is more than a wonderful human being; he represents a true miracle to my family. My sister-in-law lives in a Portland where she operates a small business. Tom is one of her clients.

Recently, Tom noticed that she wasn’t feeling well. His observation went beyond a casual observation. He suggested that she seek medical help soon and assisted her (she is Korean and speaks limited English) in making a connection with doctors at OHSU. Their diagnosis confirmed his concerns and the doctors discovered a tumor growing inside her heart. Tom’s help didn’t stop there.

Each step of the way, including alerting my family, out-of-state, he made sure she not only connected with the appropriate doctors but had access to much needed financial assistance too. In short, he became our eyes and ears in Portland until my wife could join her sister, who by then had been admitted to OHSU.

The decision was to put several minor health issues in order, then to schedule open heart surgery. That surgery was completed this morning and included the removal of a benign tumor from inside her heart. Just prior to the surgery, and moments following, Tom kept us posted as to the progress and made sure that these Korean-born sisters had access to interpreters and every possible service that OHSU could provide to assure a perfect outcome.

I am nominating Tom for a Golden ROSE award. If there were a higher award for which he could be nominated, he would certainly deserve. Please consider every, possible recognition for this amazing member of your team.

Submitted by a patient’s family member