Chris Timpa, Clinical Neurophysiology

January 2014 Golden Rose Recipient

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Submitted by Sherry Padgett, Clinical Neurophysiology

Chris has been such a wonderful addition to OHSU's Intraoperative Monitoring team. He started off in our department as a student in EEG a few years ago. He has taken on further responsibilities and is now a multi-registered technologist. He moved from EEG into IOM and is now a lead technologist in his field. He offered to take over the leadership in IOM when our program manager went on vacation.

He has organized everyone's schedule this week clearly going above and beyond to make sure that everyone on the team has been taken care of. His communication with the surgeon's and with the staff has been excellent. Last night, Chris asked for my assistance on an IOM procedure this morning, and when I arrived to the OR to start my case I realized that he had set up the room for me, the computer was programed with all the necessary settings and all the electrodes were arranged neatly waiting for my arrival.

He must have come in at least 30 minutes early to be able to set all up that for me ahead of time in addition to his own case. I was stunned! Sometimes a thank you is not enough to express the gratitude. I have for such an amazing team player! Chris, you are a Rock Star! Thank you for being awesome!