Michelle Sproule, Food and Nutrition

May 2014 Golden Rose Recipient

Michelle Sproule

Michelle Sproule, Food and Nutrition  I have worked on the hill for over 30 years and seen a dozen major inclement weather events. Our recent "Pineapple Express" definitely ranks among the fiercest. Michelle, Food Service Worker had already worked seven consecutive days of 6 1/2 hour shifts. When she arrived Thursday afternoon when the first snow was falling on the main campus. She proceeded to work another 8 shifts in the next 5 days, sometimes staying overnight in the hospital, sometimes finding her way home and back the next day. While others were late or unable to make it at all, Michelle was on time for every shift. Each day she wore a smile on her face, from 6 am to 10 pm. She graciously accepted every task assigned, from dish room work to mixing baby formulas. As a result, our patients received the usual high standard of food and nutrition service. Michelle made sure the meals were accurate, appealing, and delivered in a timely manner. Michelle also delivered most of the tube feedings and mixed baby formulas over the span of the hideous weather. I have been taking my courage and resolve to overcome these weather obstacles in order to meet our patient care mission from the Joe Simpson book "Touching the Void". Now I may simply think of Michelle.              

Submitted by David Steiner